Symbolic sterling silver & copper jewellery from Canada's North.

Winterchild Silver Jewelry - Symbolic, meaningful sterling silver jewellery and copper jewelry from Canada's North.

Winterchild Jewellery offers many uniquely Canadian symbols on handcrafted sterling silver and two-tone copper & sterling silver jewellery (necklaces, earrings, and bracelets). Choose from 45 original symbols such as dragonfly, inukshuk or snowflake available in numerous bead choices for each necklace or earring style. Handmade in the Yukon, Canada.

Our handcrafted jewelry makes a meaningful gift for someone special or just for you. Winterchild Jewellery by Esther Winter can be either worn casually or dressed up for formal occasions.

Silver Earrings Silver Necklaces Silver Bracelets

Discover the unique symbols available on all jewellery styles by Winterchild Jewellery:

Arnica (Northern Daisy)  |  Aurora Dancing  |  Beautiful Mother  |  Beaver  |  Buffalo  |  Butterfly  |  Canada Goose  |  Caribou in the Moonlight  |  Cat Paw Print  |  Dandelion Fluff  |  Dog Paw Print  |  Dolphin  |  Dragonfly  |  Eagle Circling Sun  |  Elk  |  Falling Star  |  Fireweed  |  Friends  |  Grizzly Cub  |  Harvest Moon  |  Horse  |  Hummingbird  |  Husky Racing  |  Inukshuk  |  Ladybug  |  Loon  |  Love  |  Low-bush Cranberry  |  Maple Keys  |  Maple Leaf  |  Midnight Sun  |  Moose in the Moonlight  |  Mother and Child  |  Musk Ox  |  Orca  |  Polar Bear  |  Raven  |  Salmon Spawning  |  Sisters  |  Snowflake Falling  |  Sweet Daughter  |  Wild Rose  |  Windswept Pine  |  Wolf  |  Wooly Mammoth.